okay sappy post:

for the last few months, my mom has been telling me that she’s worried about me and that i spend too much time in my room alone for it to be healthy. my dad has made allusions to me being on my computer too much and i’ve felt like shit for making them worry and possibly hurting them.

one of the things i addressed in my ‘hey look i’m bisexual’ letter to them is that the only reason i do is because every single person on this site has been fucking incredible. 

over the last few years, i’ve grown as a person, as a writer, i’ve learned to accept myself and my flaws and even love myself enough to make it count.

i’ve made so many friends it’s stupid and become closer to a few that i already knew from real life and i am so fucking blessed to be able to share my life with all of you.

you love me

you make me better

you make me feel like i’m worth something

and i love you so much.

  1. billowycapeofdoom said: And now I’m crying. You’re lovely and wonderful and I’m so glad you’re you and that we’re friends. I love you.
  2. superhandle said: WOW TACKLES AND HUGS YOU FOREVER
  3. courtnog said: i love you so much
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    I feel like we should hug. You’re not alone, never alone! The internet cares.
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